Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Cannot Even Name This Post

Seriously, if life got any more boring I would probably fall into a coma. I understand that one cannot have excitement every second, but give me a break. We have just been working on the house and working at our jobs and working at raising Peanut. Lots of work.

Peanut does manage to keep us entertained on a daily basis, and I am pretty sure he is the cutest thing ever in the whole world. He loves to talk, and the way he can put the craziest phrases together amazes me.

Yesterday Daddy brought home some clothes that another mommy was trying to get rid of. Nice; I am not one for charity, but I will take donations of toddler clothes any day. Anyway, there was a hat in the pile, and Daddy decided to take it outside to Peanut and put it on his head. Peanut has never liked hats, and I was pretty sure this was not going to work out, but hey, let Daddy have the benefit of the doubt.

I did not hear the exchange first hand, but a few moments later, Daddy came back into the house mumbling, "that's mean, son." I asked him what was mean. Apparently when Daddy offered Peanut the hat, Peanut declined it saying, "I do not need a hat, I have hair." There is nothing really mean in this particular statement, except that Daddy is very sensitive about his own hair. I could not help laughing.

Anyway, nothing going on; just living each day as it comes. It's all good.

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