Monday, May 18, 2009

My Blue House

Remember how my house used to be all disgusting? How it was yucky barn red and dirty? I remember. I remember that it was awful!

But not anymore! My house is blue! And bright and beautiful! And BLUE! My neighbor and my mother-in-law are not very fond of it, but I think it is fantastic.

So, what do you think?

Pool Party

It has been very hot the last few days, and everyone knows that the best way to stay cool is to play in the pool. I think it may be time for a slightly larger pool though; mommy wants to play, too!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Peanut and Daddy

Will you just look at these guys! So cute. What a lucky mommy!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Oh My Goodness!

I have been blogging for over a year now, and a few people have asked me if I Tweet. What the Hell does "Tweet" mean? That was always my response. I promised myself I would look it up some day, and since I was going on and on about how bored I was, I decided to look it up today.
Totally cool! Now I can keep you entertained with up to the minute accounts of my silly life. Sweet. Happy reading. I am going to go find something cool to do so I can Tweet about it.

Actually, I am about to start making a Taco Pie Casserole for dinner. If it turns out well I will post the recipe. It looks really yummy in the picture. Then I will find something awesome to Tweet about.

Oh yes, if you have a Twitter account, please leave the name/address in my comments so I can follow you!

Maybe I Need A Second Job...

So, Mommy has finished with training and I have completed my first weekend as a CORE trained and liable officer. Exciting. I had so much fun, but I love work, so that is nothing new.

Now that I am finished with training I have gone back to my regular work schedule and that means having three days off each week. Most people would consider that awesome, but I get really bored at home, so it is not the best situation for me. Why? Because when I get bored I spend money. That's bad. Fun, but bad. So I have to try hard to ground myself to the house and not go out to play. I only went to the grocery store and the shoe store today; that is pretty impressive for me. Tomorrow I am going to try to stay home all day. I am going to try to work on the bathroom or out in the yard to keep myself occupied. Peanut never has a problem going with the flow no matter what we do, but he does favor a trip to the mall. We both need to cut back!

Any ideas for a bored Mommy at home? I have been cleaning and baking like a fiend, so those are out. I can do some work on the house, but it is nearly impossible to remodel anything with a two year old helping out. I guess I could give the dogs a bath, or wash the car, or get another job...

Another Milestone

Does learning how to pedal a tricycle count as reaching a milestone? I am so proud of my little Peanut! He is growing up so fast and learning so much. I have said it lots of times: IT MAKES ME SAD!!!! uh, I mean happy. Very happy.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

While Mommy Is Training...

Daddy and Peanut are bonding. I am glad that they get to spend a good deal of time together, I just wish I could join them for nap time!

Training has been great; a good portion of it is review of things I have learned just from working, but a lot of it is new and all of it is done to make me liable. Pretty scary! I will never be able to use the excuse "I did not know" (not that I have or ever will use those words), but I better make sure I remember all of it when I go back to work. The physical part is the best; I love learning all the defensive tactics and the physical conditioning is extremely rigorous. I am left stiff and sore after every physical training day, and even though I am in pretty good shape it reminds me that I am not even close to where I want to be physically. Anyway, I have a week left and then it's back to work for me.

Home is good. The boys are all happy and healthy. Peanut is getting bigger and bigger, and refining character every day. He is polite, but he is not afraid to jump into any conversation with his little attitude and opinion. I think we are going to start potty training next weekend, so if you have ideas or suggestions please leave them in the comments sections. I think we are just going to quit diapers during the day cold turkey. Is that bad? Just put him in some big boy pants and get him to the potty every hour or so. I know we are going to be doing a lot of laundry, but it seems like we should just jump right in. Opinions, please.

We have been working on the house when we can; we just put new lighting in the kitchen, got a new living room window put in and we are getting the house painted when the rain stops. Guess what... the bathroom is still not finished. I get a new promise weekly of the date it will be finished, but I have resigned myself to no bathroom forever. The saddest part is that it is basically finished! If someone would get in there and finish the wainscoting then I can paint and we can put in the toilet and sink and fixtures and we will be finished! Someday.

Anyway, the days are busy, but there is not a lot to talk about. Life, day by day, is not that exciting. On the upside, I have been spending Friday evenings with a friend of mine and it has been so great to get away once a week and just chat with her. I do not have to think about the family or the house, and while that sounds a little selfish, I really need it. Sometimes I spend the night over there and we get a few girls together and talk about nothing and eat a lot; I feel like a teenager, but whatever. It is like therapy. I never really cared if I had close friends before, but it has become more important to me lately. I think it is keeping me from going crazy. I think you understand.

My thinking has turned to rambling. Have a great week!