Saturday, September 17, 2011

For the love of Coach!

Sometimes a mommy has to do something nice for herself. Really nice. Sometimes I just feel so frumpy and gross. Stuck in clothes that are either too big or too small, wearing flip flops and tank tops and messy hair. Dragging two fantastically beautiful kids around everywhere I go.

Now, I am not a super materialistic person, and I'm definitely not a fashionista, but I really love me some Coach.

Anything Coach. Purses, sunglasses, shoes... Everything. I don't really have a lot of Coach accessories because they are outrageously expensive, but the few things I do have make me super happy. They make me feel like a grown-up. Like I am worthy to like and carry something not baby-related. It's wonderful.

But expensive. Quite pricey, really. Almost more than I can afford. My darling husband hates it. "It's just a purse," he says. "You could buy 10 purses at Walmart and 10 more at Target for the same price as one Coach bag!"

Which is NOT true. And why would I need 20 bags, when one good bag is so worth it! I love the smell and softness of the leather. I love the sophisticated look and the sleek style and metal hardware. It's a whole bunch of happiness stuffed in to one lovely bag. Aaahhhh! Awesome.

Erm, where was I going with this post? I have no idea, but I just wanted to thank Coach for making my day :-)

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Post surgery...

This past Tuesday I underwent a minor surgical procedure that has landed me on bed rest for a couple of days. No big deal, except I am not very good at resting. I find it extremely over rated. Possibly because I do not get to rest very often, so I have subconsciously blocked the very idea from my mind.

I slept on Tuesday after surgery, but since then I have been cleaning, doing laundry and playing with the children as usual.

Two hours ago I managed to send them over to their grandparents' house because I was feeling pretty sore and tired. I thought, "OK, I am going to give in and rest."

Since then I have been laying in bed, restless. Reading, writing, blogging; anything but sleeping.
What the heck is wrong with me??? On top of it all, I miss the kids. I miss their screaming and laughing and squealing and running... Well, one of them running, anyway. It has only been two hours. What a sap I have turned out to be.

How does one learn to cherish child-free moments when their very faces bring such utter joy?

I'm going to try again to take a little nap, because I really am quite sore. I know they will run through the door as soon as I fall asleep, however, and all will be right with the world.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Mobile Blogging

Well, I finally found an app that will let me blog from my phone, since that is pretty much all I use to get online these days. I have indeed missed my blog, and there is so much to talk about now that Libby has made her debut, but it is so hard to find time to write. Hopefully this will help. Meanwhile, this is a little smidge of the joy in my life. Isn't she precious?
Her big brother (and everyone else) adores her. She is quite the little darling. And to think, I was afraid to have a girl.

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