Saturday, May 24, 2008

Changing Baby

Once upon a time I loved to do absolutely everything for my Little P. I loved to be the one to feed him, bathe him, clothe him, play with him, teach him, and even diaper him. I still dearly love all of those things except...
This is how diapering goes now-days:
Mommy: Daddy, Paul stinks.
Daddy: My turn? It was just my turn!
Mommy: Uncle James!
Uncle James: No way, man.
Daddy: Fine, I'll do it.
Mommy: Good, we'll help.
I give Little P to Daddy, and then all four of us go into the bedroom for the diapering. James fetches the diaper and wipes, Mommy fetches some exotic item Paul has never seen before in an attempt to distract the kid for five minutes, and Daddy starts the process.
After five to seven minutes of screaming, wiggling, laughing, wiggling, crying, wiggling and an extra bit of squirming thrown in at the end, the three of us have successfully changed a 16month old baby. Phew, what a workout!!!
Do all kids do this? Why do they hate having clean diapers put on after they are screaming for icky diapers to come off? He does not understand that he will feel better very soon, and all the faster if he would just be still!
What method do you use to diaper your babies? Is it an all out war? Or does your Little One want to get it over with as much as you do?

My Other Babies

In addition to Little P, Sydney, Tia and my garden, I have more babies I have not yet introduced. My fish and tadpoles have yet to acquire a space on PBandJ, but today is their day! They do not have names, aside from Little Fishes and Little Frogs, but they are my pets just the same, and today I cleaned out their tank for the first time in several months (they have been quite neglected since we moved to our new house). We have four fish and two frogs, and now that we can actually see through the algae encrusted on the plastic walls of their water-filled world, we can acknowledge and enjoy their presence.
Daddy feels that fish are a waste of space and have no place in a busy household, but I feel just the opposite. I think fish and their quiet, graceful world can relieve stress and provide hours, or at least several minutes, of enjoyment and perhaps lull me (or preferably Little P) into a trance-like state. I love to watch them eat their flakes and chase each other, but I especially love to watch them hang out. It must be a great life to be a fish. Sure, the world is limited to five gallons, but the temperature is fine, there is food every day and one does not have to worry about going to work, paying bills or being eaten by predators (in this particular situation). Ah, to be a fish. Actually I think I would rather be a frog, as they have arms and legs, which have got to be really handy, even in Water World.
Anyway, just thought this was a good day to recognize Little Fishes and Little Frogs.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Big Boy

Oh yes, I almost forgot, here is Little P trying to be a big boy. He demanded to eat at the table like a big kid today... sniff, sniff, they grow up so fast!

Our Play Group

As you know, a few months ago I started Auburn Mommies and Babies so that Paul and I could make some friends in our town. At first it was not so great, and not many of our members showed up to events. I get very frustrated by flakey people, and was not happy when moms RSVP'd yes, then did not show up. I was going to just give up on the whole thing, but Daddy told me to stick with it for a little bit, so I did and it has been great lately.
The thing about these play groups is that you need to have lots of members. If you want two or three moms and babies to show up, you need to have about 15 members total. That is not too bad, since you really do not have to manage anything, but you also do not really get to know people unless they come to lots of meetings. If you want them to come to lots of meeting, you have to have lots of meetings. It takes a lot of time and energy to put these meetings together, host them, and clean up after them, but it is all worth it in my book if Paul has a great time and takes a nap after!
Auburn Mommies and Babies is a great group. We have some really nice moms and the kids are all right around Paul's age, so they are all learning and sharing together. I want Paul to be around other kids so he can learn to share and also learn that the world does not revolve around him (his mommy's world does, of course, just not the rest of the world). Since it does not look like we are having any more babies right now, Little P needs some sort of social interaction.
So when the "babies" come over P knows to go get his toys out and he knows that the other kids get to pick first. He is handling this bit of stress much better than he used to, and no longer gives dirty looks when other kids touch his favorite toys. He even goes so far as to hand someone a toy if they ask for it. I am very happy with this behavior, but have been told it will not last. What's up with that? Do kids learn how to share, just to suddenly forget a year later? I hope not. I think if we are consistent he will not forget.
The best part of this group? Paul usually takes a nap after!!! This child NEVER sleeps when we have our days together. He always takes a nap at gram and gramp's house, but when he is home with mommy he thinks he is going to miss something awesome, so he fights with all his might to stay awake. However, if we have a playday he will usually fall asleep shortly after everyone leaves. Sharing takes a lot out of a kid!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mystery Monday #2

It is time again for Mystery Monday, brought to you by Professor Layton and the Curious Village.
A glass jar holds a single germ. After one minute, the germ splits into two germs. One minute after that the two germs each split again, forming a total of four germs. Continuing at this rate, a single germ can multiply to fill a whole jar in exactly one hour. Knowing this, how long in minutes would it take to fill the jar if you had started with two germs?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Wrong Side of the Bed

The weather has been absolutely horrendous!!! I love summer, but it is a little early for 100 degree heat. Last summer was relatively mild; although we had our share of record-breaking heat, it was at least a happy spring. Paul was only six months old, and for the most part stayed inside out of the heat. This year he desires nothing more than to spend his entire life outdoors, but is not used to and does not care for the heat. So he begs to play in the water, and mommy obliges. Today mommy played in the water, too, as it was about forty million degrees outside, and we had a rough day.
I guess Paul and I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed...
First, we were supposed to get up and go to a great yard sale, as it was supposed to have some really great house stuff, which we need. Instead we dealt with a slightly grumpy baby until 11am when we went to church for Mass and dealt with a complete meltdown in the cry room. This was a First Communion Mass that we were invited to by some dear friends of ours, so Daddy participated in Mass and mommy and baby hung out outside in the parking lot.
After that I decided we were going to go to Elk Grove to pick up this super cute race car bed for Paul, but Daddy objected so mommy threw a fit and we just went home. Daddy and I never argue, and we did not really argue this time, but I guess Daddy won, because we do not have a really cute race car bed.
Daddy wanted to go to the Auburn Home Show (so we could look at lots of things and he could complain about how we could not afford any of it) so we went into the forty million degree heat with a grumpy baby and a grumpy mommy and looked at all the things we could not afford for our house, and then we went home.
The best part of the day was when Paul and I decided to go for a swim. We filled up the little pool and splashed for about 1/2 an hour before coming in and going to sleep. Well, Little grumpy P went to sleep, and I am on my way there!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Paul's First Pool Party

It has been HOT today. It is currently 88 degrees outside, but it is overcast and it feels much hotter than that. We went to the park this afternoon, but it was too hot to play on the slides and equipment, so uncle James and I got Little P a swimming pool on the way home from the park. It is just a little plastic wading pool, but it is just right for a Peanut. Paul loves water and will play in any standing water... toilet, dog water, mud puddle, bath tub, etc. With that in mind, I knew he would love this pool. He did. Here is Paul's first day of summer fun!

In Daddy's Shoes

I wonder if babies remember their dreams. The reason I wonder is because if they do, Little P must have been dreaming about shoes last night. One of the first things P did this morning when he woke up was run in the kitchen and put on Daddy's shoes and walk around in them. P has always been obsessed with shoes and has played with and chewed on various shoes since he was able to scoot, roll or walk his baby body over to some. In the last month he has pretty much been ignoring shoes and finding other, cleaner obsessions. This morning it was like a light bulb went off in his head: "Oh YEAH!!! I forgot! Shoes are AWESOME!"
So he decided for about 15 minutes this morning that shoes were a fun addition to various baby actions: walking around in, throwing in the trash, washing in the dog water, and pushing in the baby shopping cart. All before dropping everything, running to his high chair, pushing it into the kitchen and yelling "EAT!!!" What a lovely day it is going to be.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Riddle for Cyndi

My loyal readers (all 1 of you) have asked for another riddle for this evening, since last night's was too easy. So, brought to you by Curious Village:
A boy and his sister are sitting around the kitchen table chatting. "You know Sis, if I took two years away from my age and gave them to you, you'd be twice my age!" "Well, why don't you just give me one more on top of that? Then I'll be three times your age."
So, just how old is each sibling?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mystery Monday

OK, I know this blog is supposed to be mostly about my Little P, but I have to tell you that the game I got for Mother's Day is super fun and I just wanted to share some of the great puzzles with you. From now until I get tired of doing it, Monday will be henceforth known as "Mystery Monday". I am going to post different puzzles from my game and you can figure them out and post your answers in the comments section, or just keep it to yourself, but feel free to share!
All riddles will be brought to you by "Professor Layton and the Curious Village".
Here is Mystery Monday number one:
Mice are famous for their ability to multiply at breakneck speeds. The type of mouse we have here gives birth one a month, birthing 12 babies each time. Baby mice mature and can give birth two months after they are born. You picked up one of these darling baby mice at the pet shop and brought it home the day after it was born. In 10 months from now, how many mice will you have?
Have fun!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mommy's Day

I have a special talent for drawing out every holiday as long as possible; my birthday, Christmas, and now, for the second year, Mother's Day. Actually, I had to work 12 hours today, so I had a valid excuse for starting Mother's Day on Saturday and continuing it through tonight.
To my own credit, I spent all day until 5:30pm Saturday cleaning my house, so Mother's Day did not start until the evening... James volunteered to watch Little P while Daddy and I went to dinner, so we got as dressed up as we dared and went to Sierra Grill in Auburn. The place is not bad, and my New York steak was quite tasty, but do not try the house Merlot. It is yucky; Robitussin in a glass, actually.
Anyway, dinner was nice and we got to take our time and talk to each other, which was quite lovely. My husband is very interesting... I had forgotten that we each liked things that did not start with "baby". After dinner we went to Target and walked around, and Daddy got me this really neat puzzle game for my Nintendo DS called Professor Layton and the Curious Village. It is full of riddles and puzzles that are quite difficult, and I spent a couple hours after we got home just working out about four of them.
After we got home and discovered my Little P sleeping soundly and uncle James watching TV, I played my new game and Daddy and Uncle went to the store to get various moms (including me) flowers and cards. Actually, I did not get a card, but I did get some nice Carnations.
I went to bed and got up at five and worked from 6am to 6pm, which is cool in itself because several people brought cupcakes and cookies in observance of Mother's Day, so I continued my celebration of Mommyhood throughout the workday.
When I arrived home tonight there was a sink full of dishes, so I washed those, but after that I have made Daddy do all the major work, such as care for the Peanut and water the garden. I have also absconded the remote control tonight and we are watching Mary Poppins and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
I am tired, so I will go to bed in just a little while and tomorrow I will be back to doing chores and being the best mommy ever, but for the rest of the night I will just hang out and be the supervisor, watching Daddy and Uncle take care of Little P. It has been a wonderful day; even though it was not romantic or expensive, and no new jewelry presented itself to me asking to be worn, and no Hallmark card sang sentimental songs to me, it was perfect anyway. I hope your Mother's Day was just as GREAT!!!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Uncle James

About a month ago one of my little brothers came to live at my house so that he could get a license, job, apartment and become a real boy. He has succeeded so far in getting his driver's permit (as soon as his new glasses arrive and he can pass the eye exam). Not a bad start, for a month. He has been an incredible drain on our resources, especially food, as 18 year old boys eat an incredibly large amount of food, but other than that he is not too much trouble and is even sometimes helpful. He helps is the yard, feeds the animals every day and can sometimes be persuaded to play with little P. He once changed a diaper... a poopy one; he says he is the best brother ever because of it and should never have to do it again.
Paul absolutely adores his uncle James (Jeem, in Paulinese), because he plays rough with him. Of course, my definition of "plays rough" is swinging him in the air and dropping him onto the sofa from about 6 inches above it. Mommy worries when they play, but Paul laughs and laughs like it is the most fun he has ever had. Meanwhile, so that I do not hover and flinch while they are playing I wash the dishes or laundry and try to keep out of sight. Sometimes I can check my email and have a cup of tea... almost like, dare I say... a break!!!
Tonight daddy and I went sofa shopping and left Little P with uncle Jeem, and when we arrived home we found that P had been fed, changed and put to sleep, all by 8pm. What a good little brother. We were gone for 2 hours; maybe we will try three hours and a date next time!


Paul has been refining his climbing skills and can now make his way onto anything he can manage to get his little foot up on. If he can hang on with his toes, he can climb on it. Kids are enviously flexible.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Toddler Busy Book

I was having trouble thinking up ideas for Paul's playdates and our baby group, so I went to the book store and found this really great book of toddler activities. As soon as I started reading it I realized two things:
1. This was all cool stuff I used to do with my siblings while I was babysitting them
2. I have become entirely too serious and adult-focused, otherwise I would never have forgotten some of this really great stuff!
One of my favorite activities when I was a kid was to take some of every spice in the kitchen and mix them all together with water/oil/vinegar/etc. I would stir everything up and hope it would turn into something awesome or maybe even explode, but neither of these ever happened. I had a thing for chemistry, I guess... Anyway, that activity is most definitely NOT in this book, but this one is:
Squishy Bag
3 cups water
4 tablespoons cornstarch
Food coloring
Ziplock bag
Boil the water. In a separate bowl, add cold water to the cornstarch to make a paste. Slowly add the cornstarch mixture to the boiled water. Cook and stir until thick. Add food coloring and allow to cool. Pour into ziplock bag and seal. Children can squish the bag without opening it.
Hopefully this and the 364 other art/craft and outdoor projects will serve to entertain Little P and his playgroup buddies while developing motor skills, language and imagination. I hope that it will also serve to stimulate my imagination, as being a grown up has apparently taken it's toll on the kid in me!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Big Bump

Tonight I came home from work, parked my car and walked a couple hundred feet over to my in-laws' house to pick up my Little P, who is normally running around outside and playing with and picking up everything in sight. Today he was doing this, only with a big, fat knot on his head!!! I cringed when I walked up the driveway and took my squirming little man in my arms only to find he was growing another head out of his forehead. OK, maybe it wasn't that big, but it has been three hours and it is still a really giant lump.
Apparently baby P was wandering around the house and decided to trip right next to the piano and smash his skull on the piano chair. The kid couldn't trip right in the middle of the floor where there were no sharp objects, oh no, that's too safe. Always next to something sharp or hard. This worries mommy more than anything! I am so afraid he is going to get brain damage or crack his head open, or something. I know that this happens to little kids all the time, but I just hate it; if anything is going to kill me early it is going to be stress caused by worrying about my son's head. I am not an advocate of those funky baby helmets, but tonight I am considering one...

Sunday, May 4, 2008

In the Car

A long time ago, when Paul was a baby and did not mind riding in the car, I used to take him on outings nearly every day. He would sleep peacefully or look out the window, and never complained when I strapped him into his car seat, fired up the traveling music and drove 20 minutes to Roseville so we could walk around the mall.
Those days are no more. Now the sight of a car makes Paul squeal with delight and point and smile, but only if it he gets to stand by it and try to open the doors. He most especially loves sitting in the driver's seat and playing with all of the knobs and buttons, or even just sitting quietly in the front passenger seat. However, should the door to the back seat where the car seats resides open, and should the child be directed toward that seat, the cries turn from delight to sheer hatred. He does not like to be strapped in, seeing as it restricts movement of his very active body. He does not mind the ride once we get going, and usually spends the majority of our trip pointing to every car and saying "beep, beep," but even that gets old after a while and no amount of singing or special toys will make him happy.
Yesterday we were up early and went to Roseville to get a few things, and then drove up to Penryn for a baby shower, and by the second hour in the car he was not a happy kid. He was not screaming, crying or whining, but just staring at daddy and I like we were totally evil for making him sit still for so long.
What do you think about making babies ride in the car? Find a sitter and go alone, or make the little one ride it out?

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Everything Mower

Last night we were out picking up some dog food and various other items when we happened upon the toy isle. Now, usually when Paul and mommy go shopping Paul usually comes home with a new toy (regardless of whether we were out to get toys). I know this is probably bad, but he never screams and cries in the store and he is just so cute, so why not? When daddy, mommy and P go shopping daddy puts mommy on restriction and Little P does not get any new toys (thus to save money we usually try to go shopping with daddy). However, tonight even daddy agreed on this funky little plastic lawnmower, as Paul has had a thing for them lately. Seeing as Paul spends a couple hours a day trying to push around the real lawnmower when he is over at grandma and grandpa's house, we thought he might like this.
He LOVES it!!! The kid pushed it around the store while we were shopping, had to hold it with him in his car seat the entire ride home (even though he was falling asleep) and pushed it around for about an hour mowing everything from the laundry room to the living room before we had to finally say bedtime. Then he had to fall asleep holding on to the handle with it next to him in bed. He is getting in some good practice for when he has to mow the lawn as a teenager...