Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ultra Sound Picture

Here is a pic of the little bugger (from about 6 weeks ago). I finally got it scanned in!

16 Weeks Is Pretty Good, Except for the Fat Part

Well, now that the fetus only makes me throw up at random intervals throughout the week, I have been in a much better space. I can function at an almost normal capacity and this morning I even made dinner ahead of time for the family since I will be working tonight. They should be totally stoked they do not have to have pizza or burritos for dinner... again.

I am feeling much better, but I still honestly cannot say that I enjoy pregnancy. As I have mentioned, I am very happy for the outcome, but the means of growth and arrival are not my cup of tea. That said, I seem to be having a much better time of it than I did last time.

However, the worst is now upon me. Even more than being sick, I hate the weight gain. I dread getting on the scale every day, knowing that the numbers will only be going up and up for the next several months. Ugh. After I worked so darn hard (twice) to make it all go away. I know it is for a good cause, but I hate it. What's worse, it seems like every other pregnant chick I see only has a big belly. Why do my legs and butt have to be getting huge, too??? I have been walking and still going to karate twice a week, but it is not good enough.

Honestly, it is depressing. I am so lucky to have my very good husband who tells me I am beautiful every day. He is definitely lying, but nice of him to try to make me feel better.

Anyway, that is the end of my pregnancy rant, for now. I will try my best to enjoy my miracle as it grows; I so look forward to holding it in my arms instead of my guts!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Preschool and Other News

Wow, it has once again been forever since I have even looked at my blog. What a terrible blogger I have turned out to be. Life, however, has been busy.

Peanut started Preschool last month and he adores it! He loves hanging out with all the other kids. What Mommy does not like is that he is around other kids! Yes, he is learning to be social and share and get along with others, but he is also learning to spit and hit and call people names. Ugh! I cannot stand it. My well-mannered, nice little boy is turning into one of the little monsters he goes to school with. It is incredibly frustrating to me to have to spend every afternoon reminding him that we do not do what other little kids do. What's worse, I have seen some other kids be incredibly mean to him. What are parents teaching their kids??? I took Peanut to the classroom one morning and he walked up to this one little boy and said, "Hi, I'm Paul. Want to play Legos?" And this kid says, "Get away from me!!" Poor Peanut does not know what to do, so he just walks away. Seriously? How rude.

A few weeks ago was Teddy Bear Week, and the kids are supposed to bring their favorite teddy bears. Well, Paul's favorite stuffed animal is a dog, so he brought it. This kid looks at him and says, "That's not even a Teddy Bear." Then looks at this other kid and says, "Come on, let's play somewhere else." I mean, how mean is that? These are preschool kids; aren't they supposed to be sweet little guys?

Am I overreacting? It breaks my heart to see that crap. Peanut gets along with several of the kids and is always having a great time when I go to pick him up, but the fact that he has to put up with little punk kids at any point in his three year old life makes me so sad!

If you have advice or opinions on this, please feel free to comment. Maybe I am being too sensitive...

Hmm, let's see... Anything else going on?
Oh yes, In January we will be welcoming a new addition to the family. Baby D. will be joining the family. We are very excited, but I must admit, I am not a very good pregnant woman! I dislike being sick and tired and unable to exercise or cook or clean my house.... Yes, I actually like to clean my house...

Anyway, every female I know is always telling me how wonderful her pregnancy was and how she loved being pregnant so everyone could pamper her. I do not want to be pampered. I want to go to karate and kick ass, then come home and have dinner and wash the dishes. Instead this baby has taken every last reserve of energy I have. My house is a mess and I have not been to karate in a week.

I am sick all day, and if I am not sick... oh wait, I am NEVER not sick!
Every food item is repulsive, including water. Every smell makes me gag and the mere thought of picking up the living room or folding laundry makes me sleepy.
I am hoping this part is over soon. So does the family. I have not cooked a proper meal in two months; these guys are definitely not starving, but there is a little too much pizza in this house lately!

That said, I am very happy we are going to have a baby around the house again. We told Peanut last night, but I do not think he quite gets it yet. He thought we were joking and laughed and laughed when we said mommy has a baby in her tummy. However, he absolutely refuses to let go of the ultrasound picture he found. Very cute.

Anyway, time to force myself to wash the dishes and straighten up. Laundry is calling...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On Marriage...

OK, I know I said I was going to post more regularly, but honestly, there is not anything to write about. I mean, I could talk about the boring stuff, like how I painted all the doors in my house yesterday and have to continue working on the house and yard today. Or I could talk about how I was at the mall last week and saw this super adorable Coach Purse I absolutely just HAD to have, but then realized I was totally broke and could not ever afford it. Or I could talk about how my three year old son wants to marry me... oh wait, yes, let's talk about that.

So, Peanut has been on this kick that he needs to marry me. It started a few nights ago when we were getting ready for bed. Peanut stated, "Mom, I do not want to sleep in my bed. Let's sleep in your bed."
Me: No, I am going to put you to sleep in your bed tonight.
Peanut: Fine, then I am not going to marry you.
Me: That's fine. I am already married, anyway.

Peanut: Mom, let's get married
Me: What do you know about getting married? What do married people do?
Peanut: They read lots and lots of books together. Books like Frog And Toad. (Peanut's favorite book)
Me: We can read books together anyway.
Peanut: OK, let's read books.

Last night:
Peanut: You get married if you love somebody mom.
Me: Yes, I suppose you do.
Peanut: So I am going to marry you and Daddy and Uncle James and Grandpa and Grandma. That's everyone I love.
Me: You do not have to marry someone just because you love them. You have to have the right person and the right situation. Preferably someone not related to you, and closer to your age.
Peanut: Hmmm. OK, can we play Scrabble?
Me: Yes, son. We can play Scrabble.

So, how do you explain to kids about marriage? Where did my three year old even get any information about marriage? He obviously understands people who love each other get married, but that is the extent of it. How do you explain the rest? Do I even bother right now? Do I just go along with it until he is older, or do I continue to try to explain why we can't get married?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Egg Hunting... again and again and again.

Peanut likes to find Easter Eggs. We have been hiding and re-hiding plastic eggs for days since Easter. Since it was raining and cold on Easter Sunday and the next few days after, we have been hiding eggs in the house. Here are some pics from Peanut's egg hunts:

Isshinryu Karate

I have been in karate for eight months now, and it is the single best thing I have ever done for myself. Talk about confidence-building! Not that I was not confident before, but now we are talking improved self esteem, self-worth, attitude, courage, balance, fitness... everything! The style is Isshinryu, the school is Joslin's East West Karate. For anyone in my area, the school is very popular and if you ever thought about the martial arts, this is a fabulous place to start. Everyone is friendly and encouraging, but at the same time, serious about passing along this art. I can't say enough good about this school and staff.

Isshin-ryu was founded by one of the great karate masters, Tatsuo Shimabuku, and is derived from several of the other, older classical styles.
Master Tatsuo Shimabuku, began learning karate at the age of 14 and devoted the rest of his life to its study and teaching. For 26 years he studied the other styles, Shuri-te, Shorin-ryu and Goju-ryu, each one under the master of its style.

Master Shimabuku took the best of each style, improved it and founded Isshin-ryu. From Master Motobu, Master of Shuri-te, he took the kumite; from Master Kiyan, Master of Shorin, he took the Kata and added improvements; from Master Miyagi, Master of Goju, he took Sanchin, the basis of all Okinawan karate.

Isshin-ryu, with roots going back 500 years, is a postwar development, modernized to meet the needs of today's world. It was founded in the 50's and has been taught ever since to American Marines stationed in Okinawa.

Shimabuku's reputation throughout Okinawa had reached its peak when WorldWar II struck the island. A business man as well as a karate teacher, the sensei's small manufacturing plant was completely demolished and he was bankrupt almost from the war's outset. He did his best to avoid conscription to the Japanese Army by escaping to the countryside where he worked as a farmer. As the situation grew more and more desperate for the Japanese and as the need to press the Okinawans into service became urgent, he was forced to flee.

As his reputation in karate spread among the Japanese, many soldiers began a thorough search as they wanted to study karate under him. The officers who finally caught up with him agreed to keep the secret of his whereabouts if he would teach them karate; it was in this manner that Master Shimabuku survived the war.

After the war, his business ruined and little chance of earning a living by teaching karate on the war-ravaged island, Master Shimabuku returned to farming and practiced karate privately for his own spiritual repose and physical exercise. Throughout Okinawa, he was recognized as the island's leading practitioner of both Shorin-ryu and Goju-ryu Karate.

In the early nineteen fifties, the sensei began to consider the idea of combining the various styles into one standard system. He could forsee the problems that were developing out of the differences among styles; he sagely concluded that a unification or synthesis of styles would enhance the growth of karate.

He consulted with the aged masters on the island, and with the heads of the leading schools. At first there was general agreement, but later his idea met resistance as the leaders of the various schools began to fear loss of identity and position. Sensei Shimabuku decided to go ahead on his own; thus Isshin-ryu Karate was born. On May 30,1975, Master Shimabuku passed away, leaving a legacy to the world of karate, and to all the future Isshin-Ryu students.

Mizu Gami

Isshinryu Symbol

One day after working very hard creating Isshin-ryu, Master Shimabuku fell asleep. He dreamed that a man came into his dojo and challenged him. He declined the challenge saying he was a gentleman and did not fight unless necessary. Then a figure appeared over the man, that of a dragon. The dragon spit fire all around the Master. As the ring of fire drew closer, a figure appeared over Master Shimabuku, and put out the fire. The figure was that of Mizu-Gami (Water Goddess).
Master Shimabuku felt this "vision" depicted the "mold" that he wanted to fashion Isshinryu after. There is some symbolism in the visual representation of Mizu-Gami.
The three stars are his three instructors, Masters Kiyan, Motobu and Miyagi. The dragon is the dragon that spit the fire at Master Shimabuku. (It is interesting to note that Master Shimabuku's first name "Tatsuo" means "Dragon"). One of the hands on the figure is raised in the universal sign of peace, and the other is held clenched in readiness. The visible half is a woman to symbolize peace and kindness, while the hidden portion is that of a sea serpent. This tells us that although we are strong enough to prevail when necessary, we should keep our strength hidden and show a soft, kindly face to the world.

(History courtesy of New York Seibukan)


It has been DAYS since I have been here! Sorry, if there is still anyone checking in! I have some pictures to post from a few different events, but otherwise, nothing exciting going on over here. Lots of housework and waiting for Spring to get here; soon we will be able to play outside full time. Can't wait! Being stuck in the same tiny space with a three year old all day is not always a good time. OK, pictures coming up!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Barky the Dog

After being sequestered in the house for days with what appeared to be the flu, I decided last Tuesday I had to get out of the house and go.... to the mall. I mean, shopping is the universal cure, after all. Or, I thought it was, anyway. Turns out I have pneumonia, and that is cured by antibiotics, not the mall.

But, back to the mall. On Tuesday Peanut and I ventured out to window shop. And buy some new books, since being sick had exhausted my stash of books.

After the bookstore we decided to look around at Hallmark. Cute store, generally not kid friendly, but Peanut manages to stay out of trouble. I tell him not to touch anything and he sits quietly in his stroller looking around at all the fragile figurines.

We pass by a particularly precarious display of translucent hearts, and Peanut's little hand flies out with the speed of a Rattlesnake on Crack. Before I can stop him, my son has grabbed.... a colorful stuffed dog!

Peanut immediately clutches the stuffed dog to his chest and says, "What a cute puppy!"

Peanut is not usually even remotely attracted to anything resembling stuffed animals, but apparently he had a connection with this dog. Peanut named this dog "Barky the Dog," and it was clear we would not be leaving the store without Barky.

Now Barky eats, sleeps and plays with Paul. It is pretty cute, actually.

Monday, January 4, 2010