Monday, December 28, 2009


Peanut finally understands the concept of Santa Clause this year, and it was awesome to watch him open his Santa presents. Although I definitely want Peanut to believe in Santa for a long time, I struggle with the fact that "Santa" gets credit for the best presents, which Mommy and Daddy so lovingly worked to pay for, pick out, wrap and put under the tree at 2am Christmas morning. Does anybody else have a problem with that? Or am I just being selfish about this? Either way, I will make sure we believe in Santa for a long time.

And, of course, we must not forget the Reason for The Season. Jesus Christ was born and would eventually die for mankind. It does not matter that Christmas traditions are the way they are because the Church and America absorbed the traditions of others. It does not matter that Jesus was most probably actually born in the summer time. The date December 25th is the day we celebrate because the birth of Jesus represents light in the middle of darkness. It is a beautiful reason to come together and share the joy of the Season with one another.

Even if the Christian holiday is not to your liking, why do we need a reason to enjoy family and friends? Hopefully, no matter what you believe, you spent some time with the ones you love and shared whatever you are joyous about.

Merry Christmas!

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