Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On Marriage...

OK, I know I said I was going to post more regularly, but honestly, there is not anything to write about. I mean, I could talk about the boring stuff, like how I painted all the doors in my house yesterday and have to continue working on the house and yard today. Or I could talk about how I was at the mall last week and saw this super adorable Coach Purse I absolutely just HAD to have, but then realized I was totally broke and could not ever afford it. Or I could talk about how my three year old son wants to marry me... oh wait, yes, let's talk about that.

So, Peanut has been on this kick that he needs to marry me. It started a few nights ago when we were getting ready for bed. Peanut stated, "Mom, I do not want to sleep in my bed. Let's sleep in your bed."
Me: No, I am going to put you to sleep in your bed tonight.
Peanut: Fine, then I am not going to marry you.
Me: That's fine. I am already married, anyway.

Peanut: Mom, let's get married
Me: What do you know about getting married? What do married people do?
Peanut: They read lots and lots of books together. Books like Frog And Toad. (Peanut's favorite book)
Me: We can read books together anyway.
Peanut: OK, let's read books.

Last night:
Peanut: You get married if you love somebody mom.
Me: Yes, I suppose you do.
Peanut: So I am going to marry you and Daddy and Uncle James and Grandpa and Grandma. That's everyone I love.
Me: You do not have to marry someone just because you love them. You have to have the right person and the right situation. Preferably someone not related to you, and closer to your age.
Peanut: Hmmm. OK, can we play Scrabble?
Me: Yes, son. We can play Scrabble.

So, how do you explain to kids about marriage? Where did my three year old even get any information about marriage? He obviously understands people who love each other get married, but that is the extent of it. How do you explain the rest? Do I even bother right now? Do I just go along with it until he is older, or do I continue to try to explain why we can't get married?

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