Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Baby is Mobile

It's official. I should be losing my last ten pounds rather quickly now, since I have to chase around two kids instead of one. Libby has started to crawl.

Crawling is not a bad thing. It's what crawling leads to that I don't much care for. You see, crawling means Libby will be bashing her face into things... Like the giant brick hearth in the living room.
Crawling means Libby will be eating new things... Like Peanut's leftover food items that somehow got from the kitchen table to under the couch. Or leaves from house plants. Or dust. Or bugs. Now, keep in mind I keep a VERY clean house, but if it is on the floor, Libby's mouth will find it.

Crawling means I can no longer set her down on the floor to play while I use the bathroom, and expect her to be in the same place upon my return 15 seconds later.

But most of all, crawling means my princess is getting bigger and developing more and more every day, and I love every second of it.

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