Monday, February 16, 2009

Just Something Cute

As you well know if you read this blog, my house is a total fixer and we have lots of projects in various stages of finished. One of these projects is the kitchen; it is basically done, but we need to get new covers for the heater vents. For the last few months various items have disappeared down the vent under the sink because the kitchen is one of Peanut's favorite places to play, and a black hole under the sink is the perfect place to make things disappear.

That said, another golf ball made it's way into the vent this morning, and I told Daddy that we really needed to get a cover for the vent. Peanut ran from the kitchen, returned moments later with his favorite blanket, and placed it over the vent.

"Here's a cover," Peanut said.

Mommy and Daddy laughed because Peanut is trying to be so helpful, and he looked at us like we were crazy to laugh at his idea. So we very seriously told him that he had a very good idea, and the blanket is currently lying in front of the vent (since he could not find a way to hook it up on the counter).

I love toddlers!


Dawn said...

Great idea, Peanut!

I'm reading your blog this afternoon instead of doing my biology homework. Thanks for the diversion!

wright said...

How inventive!