Friday, February 6, 2009


I have to say that I am probably one of the very few people on this planet that LOVES their job. I adore my work every single day; I love to go during my regular shifts and I love to work overtime. I am a work-aholic, but who wouldn't love their job when you get to do things like take minors up to placement in Tahoe. Awesome.

It was an absolutely fantastic drive, even if I did have to wear my duty belt in the car for 6 hours. It was a beautiful day, even when it was snowing, and the minor we had in the car was pleasant to transport.

I used to live in the mountains, and I would gladly live there again if Daddy did not have such an aversion to snow. I do not particularly like to be out in the snow myself, but there is something so cozy about having your house surrounded in white for a few months out of the year; it is so peaceful and lovely.

I only managed to get a few pictures, since I was supposed to be a professional on-duty officer, but I snapped a few when I could not stand it anymore! I took these on my iPhone, which the driver on the transport said I was crazy to bring, but he was later thankful for the GPS when we got lost :)

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Dawn said...

I totally agree that nothing makes you feel more cozy in your home than being surrounded by snow!! It makes the world look so beautiful, its like God's way of making everything pure!

I'm totally impressed with the new Iphone. I also love the blog redesign. Been a while since I've been reading my fave blogs, but I love your slogan!