Tuesday, March 24, 2009

False Alarm

So, apparently Peanut and I cannot even go enjoy a coffee and chocolate milk at Starbucks without wreaking havoc. Yesterday Peanut and I went to Starbucks to meet with a wonderful lady from our church. We had been there, sitting in the comfy chairs and chatting for about 10 minutes when Peanut decided it was time to go insane. First he had to try locking the doors, then he tried escaping to the bathroom. I do not like him running around stores and restaurants, so I had to pin him to my lap and make him sit.

Suddenly Peanut becomes very still. Cool. He is learning to sit still. He slips into the chair behind me and sits for a moment, and I turn back to Sylvia to look at a book she has for Peanut. Approximately 2 seconds later Sylvia says "Uh Oh!" and I look behind me just in time to see Peanut pulling the fire alarm. Oh crap!!!!

So, we are sitting in Starbucks with the fire alarm going off, and nobody is evacuating or doing anything about it. The management does not know where the key to the panel is, and they spend a few minutes looking for it. When they find the key and reset the panel the alarm is still going off and they do not know how to turn it off, nor do they know who is in charge of their security/fire alarm system.

We decided it was time to leave when the fire department arrived, found there was no fire, and then just stood around, also not knowing how to stop the alarm from sounding.

All in all it was an exciting morning for Peanut and an embarrassing one for mommy.

I really do need a vacation.

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Dawn said...

So sorry we weren't having coffee with you...my hubby works for that fire alarm company, so he would have had the key to that panel!

At least I'm prepared for our next visit to Starbucks...David would do exactly the same thing.

My motto is:

If its quiet, he's up to something.