Saturday, December 27, 2008

No, I Am Not Boo Boo Bear...

Being a Mommy, I have lots of nicknames for my little man that convey all the love and affection I hold for him; but now that he is almost two, he knows everything, including the fact that the lovey names I call him on a daily basis are not his name or what he is.

Mommy: "I love you, Boo Boo Bear."

Peanut: "I not Boo Boo Bear, I the baby."

Mommy: "Oh. OK, baby."

Mommy: "What do you want to eat, Peanut?"

Peanut: "No, I not a Peanut, I a baby."

Mommy: "You aren't my Peanut?"

Peanut: "No, I Pauly the baby."

Mommy: "Oh. OK."

Not only does he not like nicknames anymore, he also knows EVERYTHING.

Mommy (pointing at a strawberry): "Look, Peanut; a strawberry."

Peanut: "No, it not a sawbry, it a mato."

Mommy: "No, it is a strawberry."

Peanut: "No, it a mato."

Mommy (pointing at a snowflake ornament): "Look, Peanut; a snowflake."

Peanut: "No, it not a snowfake, it for driving."

Mommy: "For driving? No, it's a snowflake."

Peanut: "No, it for driving." (moves it back and forth in his hands like a steering wheel)

And so on, with everything from mustard bottles being sugar to a receipt being a telephone.

Well, if he is going to know everything already, at least he has some imagination.

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