Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Property Taxes...

seriously interfere with my Christmas shopping. Owning a house is lovely and all, but when the bill comes that tells you to pay several thousand dollars for the first installment in December and several thousand more in April, the damper is definitely on regarding the removal of the wallet from the purse. Sad, but true. Ugh. People are getting very little this year, but it's the thought that counts, right?
In better news, Peanut has not touched the Christmas Tree at all, except to admire it in passing, and nothing else has been broken since the first night. Awesome. Maybe I will not have to replace my pretty glass ornaments after all...
Also, I have been transferred to the position of DPO I and will be a sworn officer in a couple weeks. You should have seen me yesterday when I got the news; I have dreamed of being a sworn officer since I was 16, and I was ecstatic. Too awesome. Daddy is happy for me, I think. He says he is, but obviously he does not share my foolish happiness, so he keeps me grounded; I am on cloud 9 anyway :)
I have been working so much, but we have bills to pay and holidays are coming, so I cannot turn down any overtime offered, but I am tired. And I still have to tile the bathroom. I need another me.
Sorry, no new pictures of anything. The animals are all good; the place is a zoo, but everyone is so cute and what a dear family we make. I will try to post something like a family photo later.

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