Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's Been A While...

Since I have been over here. Life gets overwhelming sometimes, and one tends to shy away from the day versus restate it for everyone. Things have gotten better (not that they were ever bad, just busy), and we are ready to share our growing up again.
Peanut is all potty trained. It was much easier than expected and the last few months without diapers has been wonderful!
Peanut has also developed quite the personality. He is like a real live little man. He can hold a decent conversation with you, and he has the best manners. The best part of Peanut is that he is always happy and loves to laugh. It brings me such joy just to see him! But, of course, all Moms know the feeling :)
My camera is broken, but I will hopefully be getting a new one for my birthday so I can get back to posting with some fun pictures.
Until then...

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