Monday, November 23, 2009


How to build a fire if you have a wood stove and your house is freezing:

1. Crumple up five pages of yesterday's newspaper (or today's if you are finished reading it)

2. Tear up a small cardboard box (preferably a non-shiny box, such as the box from the zip lock bags you just finished using for leftovers at dinner), and place the pieces strategically on and around the newspaper crumples.

3. Place 10-15 twigs or small sticks on top of the newspaper and cardboard mixture, in a criss-cross pattern so air can flow underneath the sticks

4. Use a lighter to light the newspaper in several places

5. After the small sticks have started to burn, place a few slightly larger sticks on top of the burning pile.

6. When the entire pile is burning nicely, add a small log, and when that is burning nicely, add a larger log.

7. Sit back and be nice and toasty. Add logs as the old ones burn down.