Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Good Day

Wow! Today has been great!

The concert was awesome last night; unfortunately they said no cameras, and I am too afraid to break the rules, so I do not have any cool pictures; you will just have to check out their website, or better yet, go to a concert. Daddy reminded me that this was actually the seventh time we have seen these guys, and I think last night was the best show I have ever seen. The music is fabulous (but I have a particular love for classical music, especially paired with rock music), and the light show is worth seeing all by itself. There are no words; it's just great.

Anyway, today was my birthday pot luck at work, and everyone had a great time. It was a pretty laid back day, and all the kids were mellow. I love those kinds of days because the staff is all happy, and if you add food to the mix it is hardly like being a work at all... except for the part about being locked down with 52 juvenile criminals. Awesome. My good friends made today special and one of them gave me a gift of tons of new scrap booking stuff. I was in heaven all day just thinking about the pages I am going to create this evening.

After work I stopped off at Target and got Peanut some new puzzle toys so we can practice shapes and colors. He knows a few colors, but I think he should have a better grasp on them, so we will be playing with colors and shapes for a while. Fun and learning together; I love it!

The new kitty, Jake, has adopted Daddy as his official bodyguard and has been sitting on his neck for the last two nights. Daddy says the cat is annoying, but I think they are cute little buddies.

That's about it...I am off to be creative with all my new toys!

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wright said...

Sounds wonderful! Happy Birthday!