Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Too Ambitious?

So I am trying for a promotion at work, and it is making Daddy a little unhappy. Currently I have a great schedule; 12 hour days, but only 3 or 4 per week, so I have lots of days off with Peanut. Most important to Daddy, I have all Holidays off. I have to admit, it is an awesome schedule, but I am not a sworn officer and I really want to be. If I were an officer I would work four days a week every week (2 eights and 2 twelves), I would work any holiday that was on my regular schedule and I may have to work graveyard shifts; but I would be an officer instead of an assistant. If I were an officer I would get to work with other people throughout the institution instead of by myself in a little room for 12 hours a day. I would get to go to Use of Force and Pepper Spray training and learn cool new things and I would get to work with the kids instead of with their parents.

But Daddy doesn't like it. He will not hold me back, of course, but I do not want him to be unhappy with me. What do I do? I want this, but I think the happiness of my marriage is much more important. Do I back out and just stay where I am, or do I go for it and risk Daddy's feelings?

Your opinion, please.


U can't right this...... said...

That's a yucky spot to be in! I would like the holidays off too! Don't trade us in for the main department! We love you at the hall and need you either way. Sometimes the other people and kids aren't so much fun, remember that. Boy have I had a rough week...the holidays suck!!! Wait parents suck they really did screw their kids up and now we have to deal with it..I digress!

Never give up said...

That is a bad position to be in. Unfortunately, when it comes to a career, occasionally sacrifices have to be made. Look at it from this perspective: If you end up on not so great schedule and/or on graveyards, it is not for me! When I started on the job, I looked at a seniority list and the realization hit me that I was number 27 out of 27 on that list. I thought, "Holy cow, I really am at the bottom of the totem pole!" But, as I said, it is not for ever. Let me say it again with emotion: IT IS NOT FOREVER!! There are WAY better opportunities for advancement, better benefits, better retirement and a whole lot more to do! I have a deep respect for you and Melinda. I can barely tolerate an 8 hour shift in control let alone 3 12's and an 8. Let me put it to you another way that some might not like: If the chief approaches you and encourages you to apply for a position, it doesn't make sense to turn it down. I just see a lot more positives than negatives, but that is something you and your husband need to work out. I know in the long run you both will be happy. See ya tomorrow!