Thursday, November 6, 2008

"I'll Get it, Mama"

Although I adore my cell phone for the email and texting forms of communication, I detest talking on the phone. I think I have said before that I prefer almost any form of communication to talking on the telephone. I think it is impersonal, and it is just really annoying to hold it up to the side of your face for the duration of the conversation. I try to keep phone talk very short on my cell, and I never answer my house phone. Ever. I think the combination of phone dislike and having to spend at least half my work day on the phone talking to the parents of juveniles and various law enforcement makes me detest it even more. The only person I really do not mind talking to on the phone is Daddy, but I love to talk to him anytime, so that doesn't count.

That said, Peanut obviously does not get his communication gene from me. He LOVES the phone and will answer it at every opportunity. As soon as he hears it ringing, he abandons whatever he is doing and runs to the kitchen saying "I'll get it, Mama!" Which is fine with me, especially if it is telemarketer. This morning the phone rang and Peanut promptly began telling whoever was on the other end what he had been doing so far today. Then I heard "I give you kisses," and he started making some kissing sounds. I figured it was either a relative or some creep, but I had better take the phone from him either way. It was grandma, and Peanut was quite upset I had taken the phone away. I gave it back to him and he climbed up on the couch and resumed his conversation. Too funny. Hopefully he will outgrow his love for the phone, as he also loves the cell phone and I won't be supplying him with one of those anytime soon.

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U can't right this...... said...

I'm with you I hate talking on the phone. I'm a blackberry/PDA kinda girl. Let me multi-task-email, text and once in awhile talk to those I care about. Paul can be sweet on the phone hopefully not to those strangers in public. I miss not working with you but only a few more months- unless you are coming to the probation side?! Maybe/hopefully?! Take care... Oh and if I forget or don't see you happy early birthday :)