Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Peanut!

Today my Peanut is two years old! Two years ago this happened. I am happy, of course. Yep, happy. Definitely not at all sad that my tiny baby is getting bigger and bigger and older and older. Really.
He had a great day, despite his mommy's mixed feelings. He woke up at 3am this morning to start the day. I think he instinctively knew something awesome was going to happen today; he was so full of energy we had to get up immediately and play. Not awesome for mommy and daddy, but fine. Then we cleaned the house, baked a cake (strawberry and chocolate) and everybody came over for the party. Peanut has a bit of a cold, so we did not invite little friends, just family who was not afraid of germs. The party was short and sweet, and now my child is running off his sugar high playing with his toys and wreaking havoc in general. I am going to try to give this kid a bath and coax him into his bed. Wish me luck.

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Dawn said...

Happy Birthday, Peanut!

Kudos to Mommy for admitting the mixed emotions of the day. I was devastated on my little guy's first birthday, but I'm hoping his second birthday will be much better!