Monday, January 5, 2009

Rainy Day

Since my promotion and new schedule went into effect three weeks ago I have gotten to spend five out of seven mornings home with my Peanut. I love spending the morning at home; we do not get to sleep in because Peanut is a very early riser, but we do get to get up and have breakfast together and get dressed for the day and play toys leisurely and clean the house... it is wonderful. Then the afternoon comes along and Peanut goes to play with grams and gramps and I can get ready for work in peace. Lovely.

This morning we had blueberry pancakes for breakfast, kicked a soccer ball around the house and tried unsuccessfully to make a fire in the wood stove with the tree that fell down in our backyard on Christmas Eve. (The tree is totally dead, but the wood is not all dried out yet, so our fire is lame and we are cold.) I will have to turn the heater on if this fire isn't blazing soon.

Anyway, it is all the more peaceful and lovely this morning because it is raining. I love the rain and my yard needs it, plus it makes the day more cozy and Peanut likes to snuggle. Cute.

What's not cute is that my Peanut has a cold and an icky, runny nose; not so bad, except he hates to have his nose wiped and therefore ickies are leaking out of his face at any given moment. Any suggestions?

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wright said...

Sounds like a great morning (except for the snot!).