Friday, January 23, 2009


My little Peanut has learned to catch a ball tonight! I am so excited. Yes, I know it is only catching a ball, but he could not do that yesterday. He is, as I always say, growing every day. Crazy. He loves to dance, and his favorite new phrases are "What's going on?" and "I'm busy." Both of those are a little annoying, but cute nonetheless. He understands so much and loves to show it; I think it is so funny.

I have an issue, though. I think he may not be getting enough social interaction. When we used to have the baby group Peanut was able to play with other little guys at least once a week. Then it got a little overwhelming with work, life and managing a playgroup, so we stopped. Peanut still goes to the park a few times a week and plays with the kids there, but is that enough? I am glad that he stays with his grandparents while we are at work, but is he missing out on some vital interaction by not being in daycare?

Bottom line, I am thinking about restarting the playgroup. Maybe I can enlist other members to help out more than last time, or maybe I can just do a few things a week instead of several things. I just want to be able to keep up with everything. It is hard with all the projects we are working on, but I do not want Peanut missing out on anything. He seems well-adjusted, so far.

Parenting is rough. How do you know if you are doing it right? If you have a happy healthy baby? But what if you are leaving something out that will not show itself to be a mistake until later? I cannot help but think about some of the kids I work with; would they be in a different situation if one of their parents stayed home, or took them to playgroups, or... I don't know.

I just get worried sometimes that we should be doing something different with Peanut during the day. What do you think? Daycare or grandparents? Playgroups or a non-stressed mommy?


Sherry said...

what about a play group with help from other members of it and a sister that is willing to help out :)

Mark said...

My advice based on what I've seen is focus on the child. By this I mean make sure the child knows their parents love them and care for them. That will cover most possible future problems. As for the social interaction, some once a week at this early stage should be fine. However more may be needed as he becomes older. Go with your gut.

wright said...

I think a playgroup is a great idea, but not something vital. Can you do a meet-up that isn't lead by you? That way you won't be as stressed.