Thursday, March 13, 2008

Too Much Love?

We were at the cell phone store today when a mommy and her two boys walked in. Oh no!!!! I am not afraid because I think P is going to do something horrible to these boys; on the contrary, he has never hit, kicked, spit at or taken a toy from another child. Mommy is afraid because P is going to give these boys a hug! I turn around and run to him just as he reaches the older of the two boys and plants a big kiss on his chest. Mom looks at me like there is a snake on her baby, and I apologize for my son's behavior. OMG! My baby hugged your baby! I am sorry to say that people honestly get offended by kids giving hugs to other kids. Now, it is not like I let little P run wild throughout the world hugging everyone; I try to catch him before he reaches the other kids out of respect for personal space. However, I have to say that a hug is better than a poke in the eye any day... I do not want to teach P to love discriminately, but how do I teach him when it OK to give hugs and when to stand back and just chat? He is 14 months old, so I am not sure it can be done, but if he has been taught to love I suppose he can be taught not to love...

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