Thursday, March 13, 2008

Oh, the pain!!!

My little P, who is normally the sweetest, happiest person I know, is getting new molars. He is no longer the sweetest, happiest person I know; instead he is a whining, chewing crying maniac. He is interested only in trying to eat the dog food instead of biting a teething ring, and refuses to be held and consoled, instead opting to cause as much trouble as he possibly can in the shortest amount of time:

Eat dog food, step in dog water, step in cat water, spill smoothy all over the floor, use the training toilet as a ladder to the big toilet (a story for later), turn the remote control ceiling fan on high and watch it spin rediculously fast... Oh, the joy of it all! I know he sounds like a typical toddler, but he is definitely not like this on a regular basis. These days make me crazy!

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