Friday, March 14, 2008

Inside Play

Being spring in Northern California, the weather is normally so beautiful; that is to say, perfect for a toddler to play outside in. Today it rained, and P was very upset that he could not go outside. Mommy tried so hard to entertain baby P. We tried to read books, we tried to play blocks, tried to play with balloons, tried to play with various toys in P's room, tried to play with the vaccuum cleaner and other usually off-limits "toys", all to no avail. Finally mommy turned on the TV to BabyFirst TV, which does not usually happen. TV is reserved for Sundays when mommy is working and daddy is taking care of P.

Anyway, BabyFirst TV is a channel steeped in babyness. From the giant talking mice to the babies crawling aimlessly around the screen to the dancing computer generated orchestral instruments, it is meant to capture the attention of babies stuck inside due to rain. It works!!! It is like watching a Baby Einstein DVD all day long (except you do not have to put in a new one or push play every 20 minutes). Mommy does not usually resort to the rectangle babysitter, but once in a while it is worth it so I can pick up the mess of toys and books that could not make Little P happy and maybe wash the dishes.

Anyone who has Dish Network TV can check out channel 126 for some baby entertainment when all else fails. It gives great tips for teaching baby language and motor skills, and encourages adult and baby interaction so it keeps the TV active and involves the family. Not too bad, for TV.

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