Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Meetups and playgroups

Paul and I were members of this Roseville playgroup for a few weeks and it was really great, but it was too far to drive every week with the gas prices as high as they are. Besides that, I am pretty sure I did not fit in and the moms did not like me that well. So I started my own playgroup. Check it out at meetup.com I have had three ladies join already and I am very excited bacause Paul will still be able to make friends and become part of a social structure without me spending ten billion dollars for gas to drive him to his playdates.

Anyway, Paul is finally better and is becoming his silly old self again. He has started eating the entire world again and wants to run and play outside. I am happy because I love to see him exploring. Secretly I am most happy because the kid is not whining and begging to be held and wanting bottles all day! Yes, I am emotionally a "fair-weather" mommy. Sorry to admit... my son is great, but he is more great when he is not crying!!!

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