Sunday, March 30, 2008


Well, I took Little P on his first hiking trip with a friend of mine, and wow is mommy tired!!! Mommy has this really great backpack by Snugli that she got for Little P on his baby shower that has been used here and there for the past several months, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to load it up and get out doors. I packed all the essentials into the every available pouch and we drove up to Steven's Trail in Colfax, Ca. Then I stuffed Little P into the seat of this backpack and we began our trek through the forest.
For about the first mile everything was great. P rode for a while, and where the trail was wide enough I let him walk so I could have a rest (the pack with him in it weighed at least 50lbs). About another 1/2 mile in mommy started feeling the weight, so it was time to turn back and head out... up hill... for 1 1/2 miles... with 50 lbs on my back... IT SEEMED LIKE 100!!! Now, mommy is not too out of shape, although I could use a few hours at the gym, but good grief! I did not know anything could gain twice it's weight in an hour!!!
My Tiny P became a really heavy P and by the time we got back to the car mommy needed a shower and a nap BIG time! Honestly, if you are planning a hike with a kid to observe nature and get out of the house, know your limits!!! I am glad I did not continue too much longer because I would probably be lying dead in the forest right now. It has been two days and my calves are still killing me.
Anyway, Paul had a GREAT time! He "sang" almost the entire time we were walking, and he especially loved getting out and running around (although mommy was nervous regarding poison oak and such). He picked up rocks and tried to eat them, looked in the sky for birds and airplanes, practiced saying "trees" over and over again, and enjoyed being outside overall. I am glad that we went, for his sake, and I have to admit it was great exercise for mommy!

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