Thursday, May 22, 2008

Our Play Group

As you know, a few months ago I started Auburn Mommies and Babies so that Paul and I could make some friends in our town. At first it was not so great, and not many of our members showed up to events. I get very frustrated by flakey people, and was not happy when moms RSVP'd yes, then did not show up. I was going to just give up on the whole thing, but Daddy told me to stick with it for a little bit, so I did and it has been great lately.
The thing about these play groups is that you need to have lots of members. If you want two or three moms and babies to show up, you need to have about 15 members total. That is not too bad, since you really do not have to manage anything, but you also do not really get to know people unless they come to lots of meetings. If you want them to come to lots of meeting, you have to have lots of meetings. It takes a lot of time and energy to put these meetings together, host them, and clean up after them, but it is all worth it in my book if Paul has a great time and takes a nap after!
Auburn Mommies and Babies is a great group. We have some really nice moms and the kids are all right around Paul's age, so they are all learning and sharing together. I want Paul to be around other kids so he can learn to share and also learn that the world does not revolve around him (his mommy's world does, of course, just not the rest of the world). Since it does not look like we are having any more babies right now, Little P needs some sort of social interaction.
So when the "babies" come over P knows to go get his toys out and he knows that the other kids get to pick first. He is handling this bit of stress much better than he used to, and no longer gives dirty looks when other kids touch his favorite toys. He even goes so far as to hand someone a toy if they ask for it. I am very happy with this behavior, but have been told it will not last. What's up with that? Do kids learn how to share, just to suddenly forget a year later? I hope not. I think if we are consistent he will not forget.
The best part of this group? Paul usually takes a nap after!!! This child NEVER sleeps when we have our days together. He always takes a nap at gram and gramp's house, but when he is home with mommy he thinks he is going to miss something awesome, so he fights with all his might to stay awake. However, if we have a playday he will usually fall asleep shortly after everyone leaves. Sharing takes a lot out of a kid!

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