Saturday, May 24, 2008

Changing Baby

Once upon a time I loved to do absolutely everything for my Little P. I loved to be the one to feed him, bathe him, clothe him, play with him, teach him, and even diaper him. I still dearly love all of those things except...
This is how diapering goes now-days:
Mommy: Daddy, Paul stinks.
Daddy: My turn? It was just my turn!
Mommy: Uncle James!
Uncle James: No way, man.
Daddy: Fine, I'll do it.
Mommy: Good, we'll help.
I give Little P to Daddy, and then all four of us go into the bedroom for the diapering. James fetches the diaper and wipes, Mommy fetches some exotic item Paul has never seen before in an attempt to distract the kid for five minutes, and Daddy starts the process.
After five to seven minutes of screaming, wiggling, laughing, wiggling, crying, wiggling and an extra bit of squirming thrown in at the end, the three of us have successfully changed a 16month old baby. Phew, what a workout!!!
Do all kids do this? Why do they hate having clean diapers put on after they are screaming for icky diapers to come off? He does not understand that he will feel better very soon, and all the faster if he would just be still!
What method do you use to diaper your babies? Is it an all out war? Or does your Little One want to get it over with as much as you do?

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