Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mommy's Day

I have a special talent for drawing out every holiday as long as possible; my birthday, Christmas, and now, for the second year, Mother's Day. Actually, I had to work 12 hours today, so I had a valid excuse for starting Mother's Day on Saturday and continuing it through tonight.
To my own credit, I spent all day until 5:30pm Saturday cleaning my house, so Mother's Day did not start until the evening... James volunteered to watch Little P while Daddy and I went to dinner, so we got as dressed up as we dared and went to Sierra Grill in Auburn. The place is not bad, and my New York steak was quite tasty, but do not try the house Merlot. It is yucky; Robitussin in a glass, actually.
Anyway, dinner was nice and we got to take our time and talk to each other, which was quite lovely. My husband is very interesting... I had forgotten that we each liked things that did not start with "baby". After dinner we went to Target and walked around, and Daddy got me this really neat puzzle game for my Nintendo DS called Professor Layton and the Curious Village. It is full of riddles and puzzles that are quite difficult, and I spent a couple hours after we got home just working out about four of them.
After we got home and discovered my Little P sleeping soundly and uncle James watching TV, I played my new game and Daddy and Uncle went to the store to get various moms (including me) flowers and cards. Actually, I did not get a card, but I did get some nice Carnations.
I went to bed and got up at five and worked from 6am to 6pm, which is cool in itself because several people brought cupcakes and cookies in observance of Mother's Day, so I continued my celebration of Mommyhood throughout the workday.
When I arrived home tonight there was a sink full of dishes, so I washed those, but after that I have made Daddy do all the major work, such as care for the Peanut and water the garden. I have also absconded the remote control tonight and we are watching Mary Poppins and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
I am tired, so I will go to bed in just a little while and tomorrow I will be back to doing chores and being the best mommy ever, but for the rest of the night I will just hang out and be the supervisor, watching Daddy and Uncle take care of Little P. It has been a wonderful day; even though it was not romantic or expensive, and no new jewelry presented itself to me asking to be worn, and no Hallmark card sang sentimental songs to me, it was perfect anyway. I hope your Mother's Day was just as GREAT!!!!!

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