Friday, May 9, 2008

Uncle James

About a month ago one of my little brothers came to live at my house so that he could get a license, job, apartment and become a real boy. He has succeeded so far in getting his driver's permit (as soon as his new glasses arrive and he can pass the eye exam). Not a bad start, for a month. He has been an incredible drain on our resources, especially food, as 18 year old boys eat an incredibly large amount of food, but other than that he is not too much trouble and is even sometimes helpful. He helps is the yard, feeds the animals every day and can sometimes be persuaded to play with little P. He once changed a diaper... a poopy one; he says he is the best brother ever because of it and should never have to do it again.
Paul absolutely adores his uncle James (Jeem, in Paulinese), because he plays rough with him. Of course, my definition of "plays rough" is swinging him in the air and dropping him onto the sofa from about 6 inches above it. Mommy worries when they play, but Paul laughs and laughs like it is the most fun he has ever had. Meanwhile, so that I do not hover and flinch while they are playing I wash the dishes or laundry and try to keep out of sight. Sometimes I can check my email and have a cup of tea... almost like, dare I say... a break!!!
Tonight daddy and I went sofa shopping and left Little P with uncle Jeem, and when we arrived home we found that P had been fed, changed and put to sleep, all by 8pm. What a good little brother. We were gone for 2 hours; maybe we will try three hours and a date next time!

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