Thursday, May 1, 2008

Everything Mower

Last night we were out picking up some dog food and various other items when we happened upon the toy isle. Now, usually when Paul and mommy go shopping Paul usually comes home with a new toy (regardless of whether we were out to get toys). I know this is probably bad, but he never screams and cries in the store and he is just so cute, so why not? When daddy, mommy and P go shopping daddy puts mommy on restriction and Little P does not get any new toys (thus to save money we usually try to go shopping with daddy). However, tonight even daddy agreed on this funky little plastic lawnmower, as Paul has had a thing for them lately. Seeing as Paul spends a couple hours a day trying to push around the real lawnmower when he is over at grandma and grandpa's house, we thought he might like this.
He LOVES it!!! The kid pushed it around the store while we were shopping, had to hold it with him in his car seat the entire ride home (even though he was falling asleep) and pushed it around for about an hour mowing everything from the laundry room to the living room before we had to finally say bedtime. Then he had to fall asleep holding on to the handle with it next to him in bed. He is getting in some good practice for when he has to mow the lawn as a teenager...

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