Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Wrong Side of the Bed

The weather has been absolutely horrendous!!! I love summer, but it is a little early for 100 degree heat. Last summer was relatively mild; although we had our share of record-breaking heat, it was at least a happy spring. Paul was only six months old, and for the most part stayed inside out of the heat. This year he desires nothing more than to spend his entire life outdoors, but is not used to and does not care for the heat. So he begs to play in the water, and mommy obliges. Today mommy played in the water, too, as it was about forty million degrees outside, and we had a rough day.
I guess Paul and I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed...
First, we were supposed to get up and go to a great yard sale, as it was supposed to have some really great house stuff, which we need. Instead we dealt with a slightly grumpy baby until 11am when we went to church for Mass and dealt with a complete meltdown in the cry room. This was a First Communion Mass that we were invited to by some dear friends of ours, so Daddy participated in Mass and mommy and baby hung out outside in the parking lot.
After that I decided we were going to go to Elk Grove to pick up this super cute race car bed for Paul, but Daddy objected so mommy threw a fit and we just went home. Daddy and I never argue, and we did not really argue this time, but I guess Daddy won, because we do not have a really cute race car bed.
Daddy wanted to go to the Auburn Home Show (so we could look at lots of things and he could complain about how we could not afford any of it) so we went into the forty million degree heat with a grumpy baby and a grumpy mommy and looked at all the things we could not afford for our house, and then we went home.
The best part of the day was when Paul and I decided to go for a swim. We filled up the little pool and splashed for about 1/2 an hour before coming in and going to sleep. Well, Little grumpy P went to sleep, and I am on my way there!

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cyndi said...

sounds like you had a fun day like me.... that water looks amazing haha... i am BURNTTTT ugh! I have decided i REALLY dislike california summers...