Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Other Babies

In addition to Little P, Sydney, Tia and my garden, I have more babies I have not yet introduced. My fish and tadpoles have yet to acquire a space on PBandJ, but today is their day! They do not have names, aside from Little Fishes and Little Frogs, but they are my pets just the same, and today I cleaned out their tank for the first time in several months (they have been quite neglected since we moved to our new house). We have four fish and two frogs, and now that we can actually see through the algae encrusted on the plastic walls of their water-filled world, we can acknowledge and enjoy their presence.
Daddy feels that fish are a waste of space and have no place in a busy household, but I feel just the opposite. I think fish and their quiet, graceful world can relieve stress and provide hours, or at least several minutes, of enjoyment and perhaps lull me (or preferably Little P) into a trance-like state. I love to watch them eat their flakes and chase each other, but I especially love to watch them hang out. It must be a great life to be a fish. Sure, the world is limited to five gallons, but the temperature is fine, there is food every day and one does not have to worry about going to work, paying bills or being eaten by predators (in this particular situation). Ah, to be a fish. Actually I think I would rather be a frog, as they have arms and legs, which have got to be really handy, even in Water World.
Anyway, just thought this was a good day to recognize Little Fishes and Little Frogs.

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