Sunday, May 4, 2008

In the Car

A long time ago, when Paul was a baby and did not mind riding in the car, I used to take him on outings nearly every day. He would sleep peacefully or look out the window, and never complained when I strapped him into his car seat, fired up the traveling music and drove 20 minutes to Roseville so we could walk around the mall.
Those days are no more. Now the sight of a car makes Paul squeal with delight and point and smile, but only if it he gets to stand by it and try to open the doors. He most especially loves sitting in the driver's seat and playing with all of the knobs and buttons, or even just sitting quietly in the front passenger seat. However, should the door to the back seat where the car seats resides open, and should the child be directed toward that seat, the cries turn from delight to sheer hatred. He does not like to be strapped in, seeing as it restricts movement of his very active body. He does not mind the ride once we get going, and usually spends the majority of our trip pointing to every car and saying "beep, beep," but even that gets old after a while and no amount of singing or special toys will make him happy.
Yesterday we were up early and went to Roseville to get a few things, and then drove up to Penryn for a baby shower, and by the second hour in the car he was not a happy kid. He was not screaming, crying or whining, but just staring at daddy and I like we were totally evil for making him sit still for so long.
What do you think about making babies ride in the car? Find a sitter and go alone, or make the little one ride it out?

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