Saturday, July 19, 2008


Ever since Little Peanut was born we have been singing the alphabet to him; I mean, as long as we are going to sing to the little guy, and he does not know what we are talking about anyway, it might as well be the alphabet. As a result (with a combo of reading and practicing the letters), he can now repeat all of his letters after someone else says them, and can say several on his own if you ask him to sing to you. How cute!

Yesterday I finally found some magnetic letters that are definitely too big for him to swallow, so he has been arranging letters on the fridge all morning. Last night when it was time to go to bed he cried for his ABC's until he fell asleep. I am glad he finds joy in letters (at least so far). I am unimpressed with the English skills of today's teenagers and most adults, including some with a college education; people do not put nearly enough emphasis on practicing the rules of the language, and place entirely too much trust in spell check and grammar check on the computer. I am not saying that everyone should be a master English writer, but one should know the basics. Anyway, I want Little P to know when he has spelled a word incorrectly and work to correct it, and I want him to realize when he has put a comma or period in the wrong place. But alas, that is years away... or is it? We are going to practice some letters!

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U can't right this...... said...

Okay so I was thinking that the kids we work with DID NOT have a great mommy like Paul should be safe. But we will also hope for the nurture part of that nature vs nurture stuff. We don't need society raising anymore kids. Plus Paul is way too cute to chest bump with any boy.....