Sunday, July 13, 2008

Breathe... Just Breathe

The air is starting to clear up outside, so I allowed the Peanut to play outdoors for the first time in two weeks yesterday. He loved it, of course; he played in the sprinkler and his tiny pool, ran around in every bush and through every flower bed in the yard, he collected several rocks and played with the dog until he was worn out. Then he came inside and played golf in the kitchen while Mommy made dinner. It was a nice afternoon, and it looks like I will be spending the next several days in mommy mode, instead of going to work.

See, one of the very few problems with in-law daycare is that sometimes the in-laws want to be regular people and do things like go on vacation... without ANY notice at all! Last night they called us and said "Be sure to water the plants and feed the animals. We are leaving for Arizona in the morning."


"Well, Brandy said she took Sunday off this week, so we thought that she took off the whole week."

Are you kidding me? Who does not make sure everything is squared away before going on vacation? Not that it matters so very much, as we would be in a world of hurt without them taking care of Paul on a regular basis, but I could have requested the week off in advance, instead of having to call in sick for Tuesday (Daddy is calling in for Wednesday, so between the two of us, we will cover the week). Lame. I only call in to work for the most dire of emergencies, and I guess no daycare is a bit of an emergency, but still. Aside from feeling ridiculously guilty for missing work, I also feel it undermines my integrity and responsibility as an employee; even if it is a good excuse, it just means I did not plan good enough for things like this and now other people have to cover for me. Lame.

What can I do? I have always been the most loyal of employees, but I cannot leave my baby home alone, so family wins in this case.

How do you feel about family and work? I know this should be an easy questions, but is it really?


U can't right this...... said...

Good feel guilty, we miss you. Super control officer is not allowed to be off when I'm there from now on. We had a 10-35 today we needed you. Just kidding about the guilt so enjoy Paul and the clean air.

Eveloni said...

Honestly, you know I feel your pain in this situation. Your work ethic and my own are very similar. You have a responsibilty to your job, it is a commitment that you have made. Then you become a mom...and the planets collide, black is white, up is down! Since becoming a mother, my focus is completely different, and my daughter comes first, always! We have been very lucky for the most part, but things happen, and Ray or myself have had to leave work or not go in, and it is crazy. This last year, Nat was sick for the entire week, she sadly missed all of Catholic Schools week and the fun events at school/church. She was so sick, no one other than mom would have been able to be with her. Just know that you are not the only person that has struggled with this situation, but you made the right choice.