Thursday, July 31, 2008


Today my darling toddler and I went to Roseville to meet another mommy and buy a book for our book club meeting. Barnes and Noble is seriously my favorite store on the planet, and Little P is used to spending a goodly amount of time there, browsing with mommy. He gets to pick out a book and he sits in his stroller and "reads" it while mommy looks around, then the two of us get a treat from Starbucks and go home. Pretty mellow and overall enjoyable adventure.

Until today.

My son threw his first ever in-public temper tantrum because he could not "run" in the store.

What has come over this child?

We walked around and looked at books for Paul while we waited for our fellow mommy and baby to show up, and then we went to get our snack. I think the organic, reduced fat milk sold at Starbucks has crack in it, because as soon as Little P finished his drink he had the sudden urge to run. Right then. In the store.

Just then our friends showed up, and Paul had a complete meltdown, laying on the floor and crying, then getting up and running down an isle. I could not believe it. Every time I caught him he would scream and cry all over again, and I decided that it was time to go home.

Lame. No books for mommy, and my friend and I both took the time and gas to drive down to Roseville, only to do nothing except go home again.

Paul went to sleep as soon as we drove out of the parking lot, and now he is running around and being his usual happy, well-behaved self. I guess it was not a shopping day, and I will be sure to check his calender before we go out again, in case he has something else planned for the day...

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Chicinmudd said...

Yes! I think Paul was a bit upset that you did not check his schedule first before hand. I know exactly how he feels. Poor little fella was looking forward to some good mud playing time when Mommy decides to go book shopping! Haha. That is a bizarre tale and seems weird when it happend and then bam, nothing. Hmm.