Thursday, July 10, 2008


Yesterday we went down to Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights and found that Borders Books was closing! Oh no! Borders is not my favorite bookstore ever (that spot is reserved for Barnes and Noble), but I always hate to see any bookstore closing.

Anyway, everything in the store was 50% off, and who can pass that up? Not me! Paul got about 10 books, and I bought a couple for myself, as the last stack of books I purchased is dwindling and I needed to stock up again.

Paul loves books, and I try to get him one or two every month, as I believe a large selection of reading material will only foster a love of reading. Since everything was so cheap, we filled up the stroller and stood in line with the 10 million other people taking advantage of the great prices.

Little P has been reading (being read-to, rather) since he got home yesterday, and the first thing he did after breakfast today was grab some books and bring them to uncle James. They are currently reading Good Night Moon and it is quite peaceful here this morning. I have to distract him somehow, because the smoke is really bad and we still cannot go outside...

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