Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"No" Update

After banning the word "no" in our house for about a month, Little P has learned to say other things in place of that particularly annoying word. He only says no if you ask him a yes-or-no questions and he truly means no. He does not scream "No" when someone does something he does not like, such as changing his diaper or putting him in the car seat. Instead he says "Uh, oh" or "Whoa!" before submitting peacefully (in most cases).

I think we will continue the ban for a while, until he is more used to using his words to communicate. He is picking up words like crazy right now, and has quite the vocabulary. I was happy to hear him combine words the other day, and now says "Hi Daddy," "thank you, Mommy," and "Milk, please" all the time. He actually speaks in full sentences in Paulinese, but Mommy and Daddy are not familiar with that language, so we continue to celebrate his English victories, while still encouraging his babble.

It is amazing watching a baby grow and master new skills. Kids are so smart at this age, to be able to pick up so much information and use it to communicate and survive in the world.

We are off to play with the babies in our playgroup and go to the Farmer's Market, then to look for Daddy an anniversary present... we have a busy day, but it should be a good one. Hope yours is great, too!

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