Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Computer Baby

I think it is funny how kids imitate their parents. I give one point to "Nurture" in the Nature vs. Nurture debate. "Nature" says that humans get their personalities/habits/etc. from heredity and the gene pool, while "Nurture" says that humans get their personalities/habits/etc from environmental factors and how one is raised by parents/other humans. This is the most basic explanation of these theories, of course, but you get the picture. I believe that people become who they are out of a mixture of the two, but some things make me think one may have more impact than the other.
Anyway, Little P has started "blogging" (as Daddy puts it). Whenever someone is not sitting at the computer, Paul climbs into the computer chair and types away on the keyboard. He is very good about it, actually, and does not bang his fists on the keys, but uses his fingers gently. Daddy maintains that I am creating a monster, as Little P never even gave the computer a second thought before I started this blog, but now the computer is one of Paul's favorite toys.
It makes me very conscious of myself and fellow adults, since it is obvious Little P will be picking up many possibly lifelong traits from older people, most especially myself. I try to avoid saying things I never want him to say and doing things I never want him to do, but I have come to realize that even things I take for granted make an impact on him. Even blogging. Not that there is any harm in knowing how to use a computer, but I would much rather see him outside playing than at the computer.
Guess I will have to spend more time in the garden...


The knowledge lady said...

That reminds me of when my now teenage daughter started to use the computer. She was just 2 and I sat with her while she learned to use the mouse and play the pre-school games we got for her. They grow up so fast don't they?

PB&J said...

Indeed! And it is sometimes overwhelming that while you are still thinking about what to teach them they have already learned it and moved on to something else!