Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Nooo, Nooo

Little P has finally come to the "no" stage. Some people consider this some sort of precious milestone... I consider it annoying. Up until last week, if we did not want Little P to do something we would say "No, Paul. Let's do ______ instead," and he could be redirected to some safer or less destructive activity. He would sometimes cry a little, but he would pretty much just get over it and move on.
This past Wednesday morning, while I was innocently making breakfast, Peanut walked over to the dog water and splashed in it. Nothing new. I walked over to Paul to "redirect" this behavior, but he knew I was coming, and before I could say anything he looked right at me and screamed "Nooo! Nooo!" (pronounced New, New) because he did not want to be taken away from his fun dog water bath. Resisting the urge to burst out laughing, I brought P out to the living room to play with other toys.
Every time Paul does not want something or does not want to do something he cries "Nooo, Nooo!" This is mostly annoying because it is really funny and I want to laugh whenever he says it, but I cannot encourage him, so I just redirect him and try not to smile.
The word "No" is currently banned from our house as well, which is also annoying because I particularly like that word. Daddy and Uncle James are also getting used to it, but we all slip up quite a bit. One does not realize how much one says "no" until it must be changed to a different word!
Paul is stuffing the toothbrush into the VCR
"N--" Oops "Paul, that is not how we use a toothbrush, let's brush our teeth instead."

Paul is riding Sydney like a horse
"Nn---" Oops, I mean: "Paul we do not ride the dog, let's pet the dog instead."

And so on for the entire day. And the next day, and the next day.
We are finishing day 6 of the No-a-thon and the attempt to end it
"Paul, it is time for bed."
"Noooo, Noooo, Nooo!"

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