Saturday, June 21, 2008

The trouble with grown-ups...

Is that they are always on the move; working, cleaning, fixing, etc. Kids are awesome because all they want to do is play. It is their first priority, closely followed by eating (in Paul's case, anyway). Awesome.
We have run into tons of obstacles during our kitchen remodel, the least of which are actual problems in the kitchen. Between me working my regular and overtime shifts, Daddy driving to Oroville daily for training, Me taking Sydney to the vet because she sliced open her leg on a fence, Paul on a super-ultra-nobody-in-the-world-is-as-good-as-mommy kick, spring cleaning, the back bathroom toilet literally falling apart, the garden being eaten by something non-human in the middle of the night, and Daddy not really knowing how to cut baseboards, but trying really hard anyway, we have yet to finish the kitchen. We were hoping for today, but it will be tomorrow at the earliest and Monday or Tuesday most likely. It looks great, and the floor is all in, but this is a learning process and the baseboards are proving quite a challenge. They seemed like they would be the easiest part, but it is actually pretty hard to make two 45 degree angle ends match perfectly together. It takes time and patience, both of which are nearly non-existent for Daddy, Uncle James and I.
Paul has all the time in the world, though; and frankly, he is bored to death of the whole remodel... unless he gets to help. He had fun when grandpa came over to inspect Daddy's work and he got to sit by them in the kitchen for a little while. Other than that, he would rather sit in his shopping cart and stare at the wall all day.

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