Friday, June 6, 2008

Hat, Hat

We are having a yard sale this weekend (Fri-Sun) to get rid of some of our stuff, as well as try to get rid of some of the stuff that was in this house when we bought it. There is some pretty good stuff out here, but Paul has dibs on a little basket, uh, I mean hat, that he found in a pile of baskets. He was looking through a pile of stuff this afternoon with the rest of the people looking around, and he pulled this "hat" out of a bigger basket and put it right on his head.
"Hat! Hat!"
Paul has never liked hats on his head, and has been pulling them off his head since he was able to figure out how to reach up and grab them. However, he decided that this was the coolest hat EVER, and wore it around for about half an hour before discarding it for the next thing that caught his attention... a hole punch.
It is a beautiful weekend! Enjoy!

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