Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Gopher Eradication

A gopher has been tunneling and making little gopher holes all through my flower beds for a couple of months, and up until now has not been that big a deal. Up until the last couple weeks he did not make too many holes, and any dirt he pushed up could be repaired by simply stepping on the dirt. It was also munching on my strawberries growing in the garden, but there was enough for everybody, so I did not mind sharing a few.
This week the critter looks like he has grown to the size of a dog! Well, I have not actually seen him, but he has tunneled through all of my gardens , pushing up and displacing dirt everywhere, making giant holes in the ground, and the freakin' thing has devoured two entire strawberry plants! Strawberries, leaves, stems, roots, everything! Gone. Underground.
So much for sharing.
I know it is outside, and technically his territory, and I hate to go all Caddy Shack on the little guy, but I am officially on a gopher hunt.
He brought it on himself...


cyndi said...

you crack me up

sparky said...

Good luck! I had my yard completely re-landscaped earlier this year & the critter found a frickin' smorgasbord of delight! I have tried everything to bid him a not-so-fond farewell. Just when I think I've conquered the beast a couple of days later the evidence appears that once again I've been outsmarted by a rodent. I'm at my wits end!!! I invested a lot of money in this landscaping project and I need to find a solution before he (they?) destroy it all. Some friends suggested a gopher snake, but I nixed that idea since they can be mistaken for rattlers. Besides, the thought of a snake roaming around in my little slice of paradise creeps me out! I think I would find it difficult to relax which is what my yard is all about. Let me know if you find a solution.