Sunday, June 29, 2008

Milk, please.

Not much to say tonight... I am really tired from work, but I just wanted to pass along my picture
of Peanut for tonight.
Just now Paul came up to me and said "Milk, please."
I said to him, "Go ask Daddy."
He looked at me, then turned around and walked to Daddy, looked at Daddy, then ran back to me.
"Milk, please."
"Go ask Daddy."
Peanut runs to Daddy...
"Daddy... "
Runs back to me.
"Milk, please."
"Why won't you ask Daddy?"
He looks at Daddy, all shy, and then back at me.
"Milk, please."

So, excuse me while I go get him some milk.

I do not know why he cannot ask his Daddy for anything. Whenever he wants something he comes to me, and I am by far the more strict parent. Daddy always gives him things without making him say please, or anything, but he thinks Mommy should be the one to wait on him. Ah well. I do not think I would like it any other way... apparently, either would he!

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U can't right this...... said...

Who could say no to Paul? And you the strict parent? Sure! So cute especially in that little blue chair with feetball. I think "mommy blogs" are fun, keep it going!