Sunday, June 1, 2008

Paul's First Haircut

Little P did not have much hair to begin with, but what he did have had been growing out of a small patch on the top of his head in excess, while the rest barely grew at all for the last 17 months; what he did have was becoming quite unruly. I decided yesterday that it was time to get out the electric clippers and give Little P a trim. I had been dreading this because every kid I had ever seen get a haircut at that age screamed his/her head off and squirmed around the entire time. My own brother James once had to have designs shaved into his hair on the sides of his head because he was moving during a haircut and the guard came off the clippers and clean-shaved a patch of his hair from the side of his head. My mom decided that she had to make it look like she had done it on purpose, so she sheared lightning bolts on each side of his head. Clever, but he was 2 and he looked like a dork.
Being afraid of this very situation, I was not sure about how to accomplish this task.
Mommy: Paul, check this out!
Clippers: Buzzzzzz
Uncle Bill (who had just gotten his hair cut): Paul, come sit with me!
Mommy: Uncle James! Come here and help hold Paul in case he tries to run after I start this.
So with Uncle Bill and Uncle James close by, I made the first swipe over his head with the clippers.
Second swipe.
Third swipe.
Paul tilts his head back and closes his eyes.
Fourth swipe.
Paul lays his head on Uncle Bill's shoulder and totally relaxes for the remainder of his haircut.
The whole thing took about four minutes and all I could think after was: What an awesome baby! There is a before and after picture above, but you can barely tell a difference unless you actually see him in person. Trust me, he looks different!

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