Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kitchen Floors and Dinosaurs

Ugh...We spent all day today ripping linoleum out of the kitchen, and I am exhausted. Who would have thought that one would need a crowbar and hammer to take up linoleum? It is pretty tough stuff! I got a really great workout and my arms are going to be killing me tomorrow, but it is all out of the kitchen and pantry, and now we just have to scrape up all this paper stuff and put in the laminate. That should be the easy part, as it all just locks together, but measuring, cutting and trying to make the boards match decently may turn out to be quite a chore. Hopefully Daddy will work on it a little tomorrow before I get home...
Meanwhile, out in the living room...
Uncle James could not figure out what to do with Little P, who continuously called for his "Mommees" the whole morning, so Mommy found some dinosaurs in the closet and showed them to Paul. He practiced saying "dinosaurs" all day, and says it quite well now.
We are both making progress!

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