Thursday, April 17, 2008

A's Game

We are (ashamed of late to admit) that we are A's fans. As such, we must take Little P to many games and encourage his love of sports and unwavering loyalty to this Baseball Club. Last night was Paul's 4th A's games since his birth, but the first one in which he really was able to be part of the action. He was too small last year to do anything but smile when cooed at by fans around us, but this year he screamed and clapped with the crowd, drank lemonade, sang in the 7th inning stretch, cuddled up in the free blankets (fan appreciation day), and fell asleep in the somewhat disappointing 8th inning.

Little P spent a great deal of time trying to get past mommy and daddy and play on the stairs, and this included trying to crawl under our legs and over the seats. While I am not a total germ-o-phobe, there was some serious hand sanitizing going on last night. Eventually he settled down and watched some of the game and watched airplanes taking off behind the coliseum. I was certain it was going to be a horrible night of chasing baby and listening to him cry for not being able to run around. He was very well behaved, however, and it was quite a pleasant evening.

How about it? Take your kids to the ball game? Or find some less crowded and less germy activity and forgo the peanuts and crackerjack?

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Superman said...

I think you should take him to the nude beach, at least he wouldn't get his clothes dirty.