Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Chair

Little P has recently been obsessed with sitting on all furniture like a big boy. Not a big deal, except that he has to climb up onto whatever sofa or chair he takes the notion to sit on at the moment, and climbing can be disastrous (mostly because when one climbs onto a piece of furniture one must stand up right on the edge of it before turning around to sit down).
Since the idea of Paul toppling off the edge of the sofa and smashing his head on the coffee table freaks mommy out, I have been on a mission to find him his own baby chair to sit on like a big boy. I found one we both liked at Target; mommy liked the way it looked and the fact that it was a soft bean bag chair; Paul climbed all over it and sat in it at the store, so we brought it home.
The child ignored it for four days. He did not even look at it, much less sit in it, and mommy was sad because she was hoping to alleviate her fears of a squashed skull. Today he pulled it out all by himself and sat in it... YAY!!! He is still sitting in it and climbing on it right now, and mommy is happy. The chair is a bean bag, pretty cute and quite sturdy (for a bean bag), and I would recommend it to mommies looking for a baby chair for their tumbling little boys.

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