Sunday, April 13, 2008

Climbing and other trouble

Tiny P has learned how to climb, and has been practicing all evening. In fact, it is 8:50pm (WAY past bedtime), but he is still causing trouble. Trouble number 2: he has also learned how to open doors, and has also been practicing that.

Both of these are great, as they build important motor skills, but they also have the potential to cause mommy worry and Paul peril.

Climbing is a great fete, and I am glad he is mastering it, but it comes with the part about falling off of the object he is climbing and smashing his head on something, like the floor. He gets enough bumps and bruises falling down during regular trouble; now I have to worry about him falling from high places. Oh, the anxiety of being a mommy of a toddler!

However, climbing is not the worst of it. As I mentioned already, he can now open doors. It is not perfected yet, but he has managed to open a door leading to outside, and that gives mommy real reason to worry, as we live close to a busy road. It is time to do some extra baby proofing! What is better? A chain on the door or a locking screen, or both? We have a screen that locks now, but I am afraid he will just manage to push it open. How about those door knob covers? How well do those work? I figured it would be at least another few months before he could escape the confines and safety of the house.

Never underestimate a toddler, they learn quickly when it comes to doing or getting something they want. Little P loves to be outside, so I should not be surprised he can get out there! As for the climbing, I shall have to watch him around the trees...

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Anonymous said...

awww little Pauly is getting so big... so Brandy i just read all your blogs and i got to say this is pretty cool. it was really amusing and cute and i gotta say if i was a parent it would be very helpful also.... i will have to now keep checkin in all the time to see more pictures of my little p! I remember when he was still in your belly like it was Heck i remember when we first heard you were pregnant and how exciting it was hehe! Anyways just thought I'd leave a comment and say keep up the good work, you're an awesome mommy!